Almost 70% of those with
Alzheimer’s disease are

Women with early memory
changes decline about twice
as fast as men and end up
worse off, too.

Women suffer from
depression, stress, and
anxiety twice as much as

Women take longer to
recover from concussions
and have more severe
symptoms than men.

Four times as many women
have multiple sclerosis
as men, and more and more
women are developing it.

Stroke disproportionately
affects women: more women
die of stroke, women have
worse outcomes after
stroke, more women are
living with the effects of
stroke, and women face more
challenges as they recover.


The Stand Ahead® Challenge aims to increase awareness and donations that allow WBHI to reach more – and teach more – through a dynamic and interactive experience, giving you the opportunity to share how you are standing up against research bias and standing ahead for women’s brain health, support the vital work that we do, and challenge others to participate.

Despite these alarming statistics, the vast majority of research into these disorders focuses on men.

Women’s Brain Health Initiative (WBHI) helps protect women’s brain health by focusing its resources on research to combat brain-aging disorders that disproportionately affect women, and by creating compelling preventative health programs, grounded in science, so that there is a greater understanding of the best ways to protect our brain heath and prolong our cognitive vitality.